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Anthony Petitte: “Return to Truck Parking”

Back in business to create secure and reservable parking for truckers!

Oran, Missouri: Finloc 2000 Inc. today announced that Anthony Petitte will be joining FinPark
(subsidiary of Finloc 2000) as Chief Operating Officer heading up all truck parking operations in the US and Canada.

Anthony Petitte will be joining FinPark (a Finloc 2000 company) from having built and exited a similar company called TruckPark, where he was CEO and founder from 2016-2021. After selling TruckPark and staying on with the purchasing company for several months, Anthony left to pursue employment with his good friends CEO, Mustafa Azizi and COO, Matt Tabatabai at Zuum App where he spent one year as head of partnerships and marketing securing new business for their digital freight marketplace and TMS.

Additionally, Anthony’s experiences that will benefit FinPark moving forward include:

  • Growth marketing and sales
  • Business development and strategic planning
  • Scaling marketplaces

“I am blessed to have made such great friends in this industry. Friends who have lifted me up and have been a constant support for years. One of those many friends is JD Redmon who helped get me this job. He is selfless, charismatic and one of the best transportation guys in the game. Furthermore, I am excited to work jointly with JD and his team as we go-to-market with vHub and FinPark respectively”.

“I was introduced to the world of transportation and logistics by my late Uncle Sammy. He opened the door to so many possibilities, friendships, mentorships, and opportunities. I am eternally grateful and will do all I can to build another company with integrity focusing on creating the best and most seamless experience for truck drivers. I do not regret selling TruckPark whether some believe it was too early or late. I will build FinPark as a second-generation parking and storage marketplace. I look forward to winning past and existing partnerships with all of you within my network and beyond. In this next buildout, I will strive to operate a unified reservation platform. This market is large enough for everyone to play in – there are no competitors –only like-minded individuals and companies looking to solve a 30-year headache”.

“Finloc feel privilege to add Anthony as a teammate and also its expertise. Anthony skillset combine with our team and Finloc’s multi-decade expertise in the transportation industry are working to resolve one of the top 10 issues for the last 10 years in the trucking industry” says Sebastien Blouin, President and CEO of Finloc 2000 Inc.

“We are delighted to announce that Finpark will be joining our corporate family as the sister company to vHub under the auspices of Finloc 2000 Inc. This strategic alliance allows us to better synergize and amplify our operations, ensuring we continue to deliver top-tier financial and logistical solutions in an ever-evolving market landscape. I have the utmost confidence in the leadership of our dynamic team – J.D. Redmon, at the helm of vHub, and Anthony Petitte steering Finpark – their commitment and expertise make this promising combination possible,” says Sebastien Blouin, President and CEO of Finloc 2000 Inc.

About Finloc 2000: FinPark is a division of Finloc 2000, a financial services firm specializing in freight transportation equipment. Since 45 years, Finloc 2000 has stood out by supporting the growth of multiple transportation companies.