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Why Choose FinPark?

FinPark is a pay to park marketplace that allows drivers and fleets to book on demand parking reservations and receive exemplary service to secure truck parking facilities and for various classes of trucks.

FinPark simplifies the truck parking process while enabling drivers to manage secure truck parking on a single platform, saving precious time and money racing against Hours of Service. FinPark was designed by the driver in mind to ensure the highest safety approach and an uncompromised payload.

We offer real-time price and space availability for drivers who need parking before their Hours of Service expire. 

Predictive route guidance uses geofence technology to show drivers what is available along their routes and dedicated lanes. 

Automated paperless payments used for drivers who need to book parking on the fly. 

Real-time market visibility of amenities, yard description, security and more. 

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The Team

FinPark has a combined 75 years serving the transportation and logistics markets.

Sebastien Blouin


Sebastien Blouin, CPA has been with Finloc since 2006, where he occupied various senior positions from business development and General Manager and is now the President. His role is to provide general oversight over the entire organization and business development, establishing partnerships for originations. Prior to Finloc, he was a founding member of Alter Moneta, an important equipment lessor and founding member of an IT leasing division at Bombardier Capital where in both instances he occupied several senior positions including treasurer, control, IT and finance. He has over 25 years of experience in the equipment leasing business.

Jim Coffren

Jim Coffren

Technology Advisor, Chief Product Owner & Product Architect

35-year veteran in the transportation industry, and visionary of leveraging technology to produce analytical and management systems.  Jim’s work can be seen throughout such things as Navistar’s Repair Advocate & Connected Vehicle Platform, PeopleNet’s MPG Guarantee Program, technology improvements in fuel economy of Class8 trucks supporting OEM performance engineering, and drive trane component engineering groups, with data integration and analytics for quality improvement, life cycle costing, maintenance cost reduction. In recent years, Jim has actively immersed himself in Big Data management systems in architecting data warehousing and BI Platform configuration, optimizing data aggregations for business process improvement and closed-loop management systems.

Anthony Petitte

Chief Operations Officer

Anthony Petitte is an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor of several logistics startups. He is the former founder and CEO of the first truck parking marketplace in transportation. The company exited in September 2021. Prior to TruckPark, he spent four years in executive search and six years in digital marketing across various industries. He graduated with a degree in business and a minor in tourism at Kaplan University. Anthony is determined to solve many of the major complexities in transportation. His passion is in creating the best experience for company stakeholders. Today, Anthony serves as COO at FinPark. His return to truck parking will open many doors and opportunities to success. He looks forward to reengaging with truck drivers and continuing to solve a top three problems in logistics worldwide.

Our values


Teamwork – Respect – Integrity – Innovation – Perseverance

FinPark is a values-based company driven by our mission “to empower truck drivers while providing a safe and unmatched experience.” Our proposition is to revolutionize the trucking industry by providing a one-stop-shop application for truck drivers, and an opportunity for private lot owners to maximize their revenues.


We ensure driver and cargo safety, giving all stakeholders peace of mind and avoiding costly losses.

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We “fight for our drivers”. It is paramount to empower drivers around the world to feel involved in a community and to be valued.


Our mission is to develop a network of truck drivers and industry-related professionals who are passionate about revolutionizing the trucking industry.


We are built on the principles of: people, process, and technology. Resources will be utilized to protect the sustainable development and growth of the FinPark network.

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